CNC 3040T
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CNC 3040T

Technical parameters:

  • voltage: 110V 60HZ for USA, Canada, Mexico, 220V 50HZ for EU countries and other countries
  • Effective working travel: 275(X)mm*385(Y)mm*60(Z)mm
  • Shape dimension: 610x480*400mm
  • Max.workpiece dimension: 70mm
  • Work table dimension: 320mm*530mm ( 12.60''*20.87'')
  • Carving deepth: 55mm (2.17'')
  • Frame materials: Aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061
  • Leadscrew: 1204 double thread Trapezoidal screws
  • Driving units X axis: 1204 trapezoidal screws about length:540mm diameter:12mm
  • Driving units Y axis: 1204 trapezoidal screws about length:418mm diameter:12mm
  • Driving units Z axis: 1204 trapezoidal screws about length:145mm diameter:12mm
  • Sliding units X axis: Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
  • Sliding units Y axis: Dia.16mm chrome plate shafts
  • Sliding units Z axis: Dia.12mm chrome plate shafts
  • Stepping motor type: 57 two-phase 1.8A
  • Spindle motor: 300w DC motor
  • Motor speed : 500~8000RPM/Min
  • Principal axis collet: ER11 /3.175 mm
  • Repeat accuracy: 0.05mm
  • Spindle precision: Radial beat acuities 0.03 mm
  • Control unit: Triaxial one-piece drive + ring variable power + PWM speed
  • Carving Instructions: G-code/.tab /.nc / .ncc/.txt
  • Communication interface: Through parallel connection with desktop computer and USB connection with both desktop computer and also laptop computer.
  • Software environment: Windows 2000 / xp / Win7 32bit
  • soft ware: mach 3 and USB software
  • Maximum speed: 0-4000mm/min
  • Carving speed: 300-2500mm/min (different materials differ)
  • Machine weight: 28KG

Emergency stop is software controlled.

LinuxCNC configuration

Fake PlanetCNC USB adapter

Counterfeit CNC USB MK1 controller. Actually, USB fronting part of it (PIC18F4550).
Works with quite powerfull PlanetCNC's software, which is free to use with controllers that have valid license.
Please do not use it if you can.

JP-382A Motor Controller pinout

Up to down, left to right:

  • X-axis
  • Y-axis
  • Z-axis
  • A-axis
  • probe (barrel jack)
  • +24V
  • X/Y/Z/G (end stops?)
  • E-stop
JP-1482 Spindle Controller pinout

Not marked on PCB. See for any reference.

DB25 pin functions
FunctionDB25 pinNotes
X step2
X dir3
Y step4
Y dir5
Z step6
Z dir7
A step8not used
A dir9not used
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