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Where, what and how

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Our Hackerspace is located at 5/P1 Zacisze Street//

Here are some information about our previous venue

You can easily recognize our entrance doors - there are two of them, you're interested in right one (like, these on the right side). There is intercom near them, type 1 and wait. Then, when the doors opens, try to make it to the next doors, which opens simultaneously with the previous. You have roughly 8 seconds to do so. Follow the light downstairs. Poof - you're here.

Our telephone number is as follows: +48 12 444 75 67.

How to find us

Using JakDojadę.pl app

From Galeria Krakowska shopping mall or main railroad station (Kraków Główny)

  • Beginning from the Nowaka-Jezioranskiego square (the front of the shopping mall) you should go to the Pawia/Worcella intersection and go straight through it until Worcella Street comes to the end. Then turn left and find the doors from the photo. Here's the map: {{:about:siedziba:odgk.png?linkonly|}}

From the Main Square or Planty park

  • There are at least two crossings through Basztowa Street near wp>Kraków Barbican. Cross any of these, and then find a big building with flags on the top. It's the Lesser Poland Voivodeship Office. If you are looking straight at it, there is a small street on its left side (Zacisze Street). That's the street you've been searching for. Find the doors from the photo. Here's the map: {{:about:siedziba:zplant.png?linkonly|}}

From every other place

Using one of the ways above.

GPS coords
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50.066085,19.94335950° 03' 57.906", 19° 56' 36.0924"
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