R yr lightz enuf awsom?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away little Chinese hands carefully soldered, prepared and packaged our really small order.
And here they comes, our precioussssssssssss.... 2-channel relay modules! One sixth dozen of them (two.).

img_6246.jpg (541×700 px, 91 KB)

The Problem

In every single part of our Hackerspace, the switch is on the opposite side of the room. You had to wander in the darkness through The Stacks Of Useful Components lying around, fighting for life with inhabitants of our coffee mugs.
Up to now. It's over. Finally, we did it. Half of our Hackerspace has now remote-controlled lights.

And The Magic Smoke Solution

We're using Arduino with Ethernet Shield, mentioned above relay modules, duct tape and a lot of Magic Smoke.
The TwitterClient example was wonderful starting point for our project. Mostly because API 1.0 used in example is deprecated now, so we weren't able to easily use Twitter API. Instead, we used Twitter Bootstrap :-)

screenshot-from-2013-08-31-185645.png (646×1 px, 139 KB)

Special offer

And... There is special, limited time offer just for you, as no one will be in our Hackerspace tonight.
You can actually play with our Beautiful Server Side Component. Please, don't try to hack our lights to hard.
The Arduino sketch and web page code will be tidied up and published on the very next day.

And upcoming openHAB hack-a-thon

And... There is one more thing. Thanks to @kaikreuzer there is something as wonderful as openHAB, an open source home automation server. I'm pretty sure that our Arduino Ethernet set-up is not currently supported. After implementing our lighting controllers and motion sensor modules we're going to host openHAB hack-a-thon, so please stay tuned our news stream on Facebook! Yes, especially you, Java EE and embedded C developers!

Written by wiktor on Jan 22 2019, 7:17 PM.
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